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The all-rounder cycling bib shorts, Salopette Gregarius Cargo Adventure

The all-rounder for every riding occasion, no matter what the distance or intensity, is designed for the most adventurous of cycling activities in all environments and climates.


New extra pockets provide not only added space but protection as well. A bonus function of the leg pocket is increased protection in case of a crash: the two layers of fabric roll against each other resulting in less direct friction on your skin.


An additional pocket above the lumbar support is minimal and remains invisible when not in use.


Introducing a new proprietary pattern for the crotch area, aimed to improve the interface between saddle and chamois. Our innovative pattern, which has redesigned the construction of the crotch area, includes the elimination of the central seams that normally create pressure and discomfort while on the saddle. The new pattern replicates the contact surface of the saddle and is made with a moulded fabric that adapts naturally to the different typology of saddles.

A more anatomic extrapadding for better moisture management. Offers all-round support for training, competition and long distances.

Powered by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy


The lumbar support panel is an x-shaped panel that can be found above the rear part of the chamois on all Q36.5 bib shorts.

The panel is made from a proprietary fabric that has the greatest woven density (Modulus Force warp 510, weft 620) of any panel in the bib short, its visible ribbing operates as an architectural intervention providing even greater structure to the fabric’s body.

This extreme compressiveness creates a zone of support for the lumbar and gluteus musculature, providing the rider with improved stability, orientation, balance and proprioceptivity in this critical zone in which all the principal muscles used in the pedalling action are connected.

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