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NRC ZEISS BIOCHROM Sunglasses 功能性休閒太陽眼鏡

The stylish eyewear to enjoy relaxing after an intense activity. Biochrom is the ZEISS technology designed to help the body with concentration, recovery, relaxation and strengthening: the perfect solution with an entirely Made in Italy warranty, also available with the exclusive 100% vegetal or recycled frame.

NRC新推出在運動後讓眼鏡放鬆或視力集中的太陽眼鏡。 Biochrom 為蔡司的專利技術之一,旨在幫助身體集中注意力、恢復、放鬆和加強。全意大利製造,獨家 100% 植物回收框架。

For strengthening 加強能力

To boost up cerebral activity with an immediate effect on strength and performance.


For relaxation 放鬆

To boost up cerebral activity with a relaxing effect after a stressful situation.


For recovery 恢復

To boost up cerebral activity supporting the recovery phase.


For concentration 專注

To boost up cerebral activity and concentration.


- Made in Italy 義大利製造;

- Lenses by ZEISS 蔡司鏡片;

- ZEISS RI-PEL 防水、防污及防油技術;

- Antiscratch 防刮花;

- Impact resistant 耐撞;

- Suitable for driving 適合駕駛中使用

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