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​How to make your customised sport wears?

  1. Please leave us your contact details: your Team's name, a contact person, contact number and email.

  2. Our local customer service representative will contact you to get a gist of your design idea, such as your design concept, your desired style, fabric materials, the graphic pattern, etc.  
    We also welcome any sketches, design drawing, photo or picture to help us to understand your idea. Most importantly, we should need images such as your team logo, your sponsor logo or any of your specified graphic. 
    Additionally, our staff will provide you with a quotation by factoring in the chosen material, the quantity of your order and the anticipated complexity of the design.

  3. We will firstly charge HKD1500 before the design service will start in France. This price should include 1 draft with 3 amendments upon your request. After that, each further amendment is chargeable for HKD150.

  4. We will then liaise with our designers in France based on your design idea along with any of your provided image, such as your team logo, your sponsor logo or any other specified graphic.

  5. After your confirmation of the final design drawing, the order’s quantity and their size, the production in France will start upon your full payment, which will take around 50 days.

  6. Shipping will usually take another 4 days via express delivery (exclusive from the product price).









** Our customised sport wears provide a range of options, from beginners to professional player, for a variety of styles and sports.


  1. 請留下你的聯繫方式:團隊名稱,聯絡人姓名,聯絡電話和電郵。

  2. 我們的客戶服務代表將與你聯繫,以了解你的設計概念。我們也歡迎你提供任何草圖、設計圖、照片或圖片以幫助我們理解你的想法。同時請提供團隊標誌,贊助商標誌或任何指定的圖案;我們將透過物料、訂單數量和預期的設計複雜性為你提供報價。

  3. 設計會交由在法國的設計團隊處理,在這之前我們將先收取港幣$1500的費用。此價格已包括一份草圖,並應你的要求進行三次修改服務,及後每次更改均需支付港幣$150服務費。

  4. 我們將根據您的設計概念及提供的圖像例如你的團隊標誌、贊助商標誌或任何其他指定的圖案,與法國的設計師溝通,制定設計圖樣。

  5. 在確認最終設計圖和訂單的數量後,法國團隊會在收到你全額付款後開始生產,大約需要50天。

  6. 生產完成後會以快遞方式送到香港,大約需要4天。










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