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Our Story

NAFAB is a Hong Kong based company specialized in the distribution of high-end Sports Equipment. We export such premium products from Europe and Japan to Hong Kong and the Greater China Region. We take great care in the selection of the brands we are proposing so that our clients can rest assured that our products sit at the very top of the line of sports such as Cycling, Triathlon, Running, Trail Running and many others. Our products are already attracting high visibility and are already being used in sports races and at marketing events around the world.


NAFAB is the sole distributor of Q36.5 cycling apparels from Italy, SOLESTAR Cycling & Hiking insole from Germany, NRC ‘Zeiss’ Sports sunglasses from Italy, Japanese ATHLETUNE Pocket Energy, and French customised Team Sportswear POLI. Our company’s vision is to keep providing our customers with the best high-end quality sports products from around the world. We are making this vision a reality by continuing to offer the highest quality in our products together with an excellent customer service. NAFAB’s corporate motto, “Premium Brands Here” remains our covenant to always, and only, provide the highest quality sportswear products to our customers.


If you are keen to promote your brand in Hong Kong and the Greater China Region, please get in contact with us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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