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Exceeding Expectations​

We spend our working days thinking about what is essential for comprehensive and effective eye protection. How? We make sports glasses with innovative technology, perfect for cyclists and suitable for any kind of sport.

What sets us apart is our desire to break away from the pack, because thinking outside the box produces new ideas: innovative possibilities that we put to the test, not only with industry experts but also with real consumers who will use the end product. 

Before we begin production, each NRC model is handed over to amateur cyclists who test it out in the real world. Their feedback is crucial in order for us to make the necessary improvements for an end product that offers the best in comfort, protection and style.


Sports glasses designed and produced in Italy with ZEISS lenses

so you can experience sport with the best protection available

Find NRC at:

  • Action Panda HK

  • Cam2 Sport

  • Elite Aqua 水泳駅游泳用品專門店

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